How often do I need my car servicing?

More and more modern cars have service lights to indicate when a service is due. This indicator is triggered by the number of miles the car has covered, the number of times the ignition key is turned and other factors detected by the onboard computers in the vehicle.

With older cars it is very wise to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and service the vehicle on a mileage or time basis, whichever comes first. Low mileage vehicles need just as much love and attention as their higher mileage cousins as they do lot more short start stop journeys and are subject to greater wear on brakes, clutches and engine.


Why does my cambelt need changing?

Many moons ago nearly all production cars had chains to drive the internal mechanics on the vehicle. With the advent of more compact engines and better material technology, many manufacturers in their wisdom decided that it would be better to replace the noiser chain with a quieter “rubber” belt. This also had the advantage of being able to go through angles and was easier (and cheaper) for the manufacturer to install. Unfortunately when the belts began to snap / fray and simply work their way off their rollers this caused expensive (in most cases) repairs as the pistons can hit the valves and the sudden quietness can be very disconcerting. This is even more important with diesel engines and it is strongly recommended that you change this belt on a regular basis. Please call in or telephone us to see if your belt needs changing and receive a free no obligation quote.


Why have you recommended I change the Brake fluid and antifreeze?

Brake fluid is hydroscopic i.e. it absorbs moisture from the air. Over time brake fluid becomes contaminated with excess water which lowers its boiling point and is not as easily compressed thus causing potential problems with brake fade.

Antifreeze loses its anticorrosive properties overtime and can cause a build-up of sludge and rust if not changed on a regular basis. In extreme cases this can cause problems with overheating and the cylinder head gasket.


Why does my air conditioning not blow cold?

The air conditioning in the vehicle is just like a mini fridge. Gas circulates around and cools the air blowing into the car. Over time with the movement of the engine seals can slowly release this gas (there is only about 2lbs of gas in to start with) and the conditioning becomes less effective. We can check the level of gas in the system free of charge and advise on a top-up if necessary.


Why does my air conditioning smell?

Bacteria builds up in the warm, moist ducts of the systems. We have a special cleaning agent that kills the bacteria and deodorises the system. Please call for details.


I have been advised that my gearbox oil needs changing, why?

Oil molecules shear overtime making the lubrication properties of oil less protective. If you have problems selecting gears or the gear change is noisy it may well be that your gearbox oil is due for renewal. Most manufacturers have a recommended service schedule for this job.


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